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handmade glass vases, R23-1238 h 180, R23-1372 h 240 handmade decorative vases, R23-1151 h 300, R23-1151 h 600, R23-1151 h 450 handmade round vases, R1-17 h 190, R1-17 h 352 art glass, R23-1459 h 250, R23-1460 h 400 flower glass vases, R23-1112 h 900 art glass vases, R23-1116 h 300, R23-1120 h 400 glass bombonieres,  R3-108 d 120, R3-156 d 114 glass jugs, R2 glass containers, R13-55 1 L, R13-56 5 L glass bowls, R19-588 h 100, R19-589 h 105
tapered glass vases, R23-1446 h 360, R23-1188 h 400, R23-933 h 575 glass decorative vases, R19-287 h 150, R23-1301 h 300, R23-1270 h 200 handmade glassware, R23-1329 h 320, R23-1330 h 500 glass cylinder vases,  R23-1414 h 600, R23-1248 h 600 glass cake plates, R19-632 d 225, R16-72 d 300 flower glass vases, R23-1404 h 350, R23-1405 h 200 glass decanters, R9-97 750g, R9-253 1 L, R9-358 750g handmade wine glasses, R7-470 h 200, R7-471 h 240, R7-527 h 170 square glass bowls, R19-536 h 75, R19-566 h 75, R19-580 round glass bowl, R19-258 d 380

Handmade glassware Poland

Discover the world of our handmade glassware from Poland.

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Rozalia Handmade brand is owned by Eurostocker Tomasz Bronikowski and designed in Poland by our team of purchasers and product developers.

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