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The beginning of today's "Rozalia" Glass works in Radomsko was the "Jasień" Glass works located in the nearby town of the same name. In 1920 glass manufacturer was moved to Radomsko to St. Rozalia (Rose) Street. After the end of World War II, the glass works focused its full production capacity on handblown glassware for everyday use. As time went by a new name was established: Huta Szkła Gospodarczego "Radomsko" (HSG) (Radomsko Glassworks). Development at glass works in the 1950s made this glass producer a significant player in handmade glass production in Poland. In the early 1970s, polish glass line was gradually changed. Production of thick-sided glass vases and other glasses decorated using hand blowing methods (bubbles in the bottom, cones and stars) commenced. Since 1975 glass works has been producing for the export market. In 1991, glass manufactuer obtained its current name ROZALIA.

About Rozalia

Today Rozalia glass works operates worldwide in efficient and professional way. Glass blowing process is based on top class management standards, which ensures high productivity growth and make the glass works a well – oiled organization.
Our underlying philosophy is to aim at best handmade glassware and to enhance skills of our team constantly. These principles guide glass manufacturer around the world and gain acknowledgement of the customers.